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Originally Posted by Profess View Post
So we're talking about about a two year decline.

-The Iron Solomon/ Nikiya misunderstanding

-Their lack of flexibility implementing Dizasters marketing ideas. For example, botched promotion and release of the Oxymiron battle. Had the business been worked out in advance they could had capitalized on Russian views of the Oxy battle. Instead it was primarily watched in certain areas of the former Soviet Union via bootleg.

-Lack of a strong CEO. Too many cooks in the kitchen. KOTD was good at first when the start up culture was hot at their headquarters in da 6. However, as time passed they really should have brought in an adult MBA type to run the business.

-KOTD initially picked up steam because there was already an Organik scene in Canada from the WRC's and they got lucky absorbing much of Grindtime as that league fell ill. However, instead of reinvesting an appropriate share of their profits back into homegrown talent. They choose to outsource too much. In addition to their outsourcing practices being sub optimal. The mercenary talent often didn't bring their best to the foreign stage. In other words, the URL slogan about their stage being the only one that matters.. hurt the brand because there was no denying that it had a truthful ring.

-The Rise of RBE. Before RBE really made a name and solidified itself as the 2nd best league in battle rap. KOTD was the #2 league. So as battle rap has grows there becomes less of need for KOTD as a 2nd platform.

-Avocado working with more leagues. If I recall correctly, Kyle has always been an independent contractor. However, KOTD's high production value and PPV quality is pretty much because of him. But with him now working with the URL in a public way it decreases the shine on KOTD's production quality because now a higher standard is more common.

-Lack of brotherhood with the Fresh Coast and Toronto divisions. More specifically, what is KOTD's value statement? A lack of a clear brand disorients the total package.

-One thing that they did right tho.. was fire Dirtbag Dan. But does anyone really think BOTZ will put out better videos and events in 2019 than KOTD?

-The URL has gotten better- expanding the gap between the 2 comapanies. So while KOTD seemed cool in the past, they are just getting worse now. Bishop seems like a nice guy but the slogan of taking the mirror down is off.. because if KOTD is going to return to their former glory they will have to put the mirror up to themselves. When they do, they will realize that the only man that can make KOTD great again in Lush One.

Can I get a UNO!!

holy fuck all this happened? RBE is a new battle league? People have been saying KOTD falling off since it started so hard to tell if real or not

i stopped watching battles completely for a long time. i want to like them. they dont make funny witty (and silly) battles like they used to. The events are too big and scripted for me. and battles are long and boring.

nothing amazing like this (or think tiger ty west coast) can happen anymore

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