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Originally Posted by TOPR Holiday View Post
Yall gassing the fuck out of Aye Verb and I get it, its the first performance where he came off like he gave a shit in years so its hard not to. But honestly, even though his delivery and performance was on point his punches were super light, lazy even, and I can't even see how cats think it was close and it wasn't even one of Pete's best performances. If anyone but aye verb spit some of that shit yall would be roasting him, cmon. 2-1 Thesaurus.
You're gassing the fuck out of the guy you bodied. It's like you have pity for people you destroy (You even patted him on the back after and told him you'll buy him shots). Which makes sense why you're so down to Earth. Get off your bias, you know this was a home game and he still lost. Stop the madness. Battle Madness, Topr. After you battle modern peeps though. All hail Topr.

Aye Verb won though. /edit: And I never cared about an Aye Verb battle. I'll watch it but I'm not dissecting it

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