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El Mariachi is not the worst person
Budden verse on NBA has some dope wordplays :

Talkin' money but walkin' funny
Is it any reason why ya'll starvin'
I spell boredom by spelling foursome
Do I really need to beg your pardon?
And my jersey say James I don't play games
Like Bron when he in that Garden
And, wait I said that all wrong
She don't need to rock when I put my hard in
My new nickname is just watch
Might not join might just watch
New yacht master just a watch
Doubtin' me I tell em just watch
Them diamonds yellow them beams are red
And them hands are tucked they don't show
Plus them shooters with me got the green light
So why the fuck you don't think they won't go?
Hold up, your chick traded post game
And no shame she felt your man
She probably on Joe Johnson
Cause I never be on that Elton Brand
It's YSL, she's fly as hell
Tell the come to go to my ride
You can't blame hoes ain't Peter Rose
Now she a thorn in my side, grow up
P-R-P-S is over my Timbs
Way shorty blew me at it was only right I showed her my bench
Let my mans hit, when the fan hit
Spend all these bills on liquor
Figured Jersey lost its team
Still we got the realest nigga, Joey
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