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Originally Posted by peace View Post
ka's "cold facts" immediately comes to mind.

"Grew up with good-spirited goons;
Now I only see 'em in tombs or in visiting rooms
Hold the chrome tight, the beast's on the creep
I own the night, the heat's my receipt
I need peace, all that beef shit is weak
When niggas that talk trash get sweeped in the street
Washed down the gutter
Whatever remains gets tossed 'round your mother"

"Guns 24 karat, got golden arms
Good medal, don't settle for silver, bronze"

"I don't speak too much; words more potent
Live niggas say it with me; herbs don't quote it"

"Had a cold heart 'cause my apartment was freezing"
Ka is one of my favorites these last 7-10 years. Honor Killed the Samurai gets maybe one track skip every time I throw the LP on.

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