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Originally Posted by Emancee View Post
If you go on Pete's Facebook, he is explaining why he is not appearing at the biggest event the West has seen in a while.

Organik rang him up to ask him to be on the card.
Saurus suggested Soul or TonyD from the UK
Ganik offered him P Nut
Saurus asked for another opponent. Apparently he didn't feel inspired by his opponent and felt that P Nut's recent no-shows have been really disrespectful
Ganik said no

Not sure if anyone else cares, but it seemed weird to have an LA card without Saurus.

corrections - Ganik never hit me up to be on the card, J Pro did. I had 5 names in mind for a battle and I was told I needed to think more "locally" lol. J Pro suggests Pnut, I said no because it wouldnt motivate me too much & he kinda ducked Ness so he should battle Ness (Ness not interested in it anymore apparently). After I say no Im then told "its not in the budget" for me to be on the card. The names I asked for were - Soul, Tony D, Gjonaj, ENess, Danny Myers
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