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Originally Posted by El Mariachi View Post
Iron vs Chilla Jones : The Saurus said he don't want to battle Iron in a blackout setting and I remember Iron saying weeks ago he would like to battle Chilla. Plus this card is in Chilla's hometown so the only KOTD card they won't give a low tier battle.

E.Ness vs The Saurus or Math : The Saurus wants to battle Ness (this would be dope) but I see KOTD booking Math vs Ness (this would be meh), remember Ness shirt in SM2.

The rest ... maybe Deal vs Madflex and Oops vs Loso but don't really care
Lol. Did Thesaurus really say that. Wow what a pussy. I really hope what your saying isnít true but your making too much sense. Iron vs Chilla would just be a waste. I really hope your wrong.
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