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Assassin Ben is better than Grind Time AustraliaAssassin Ben is better than Grind Time Australia
Narrate it,
I'm Morgan freeman when my story's told
My blood is freezing and my heart is froze
Full circle that's how karma goes
w my entourage like Ari Gold, kitchen whippin w that rari flow, skrrrt- adios!
Since the big wheel, I Been Trynna sip
They make big deals out of minor shit
We skim bills til the counter skip
When shits real they counterfeit
Count me out? count again, i shld be on ur top 5 by the count of ten

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"What'd you expect, every shot'll be silent, you in debt
See in deBt, the B is silent and in the BX we're known for being violent" - Fred The Godson

1. Nas
2. Pharoahe Monch
3. MF Doom
4. Notorious BIG
5. Rick Ross
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